My name is Coral Rumble, and I'm a poet. Perhaps you've bumped into some of my poems in your local library, or when you've been watching TV. I may even have visited your school to perform or give workshops. Whether we've met or not, I'm glad you've decided to give my website a spin...

I am thrilled to have won the Caterpillar Poetry Prize 2018. Read the Irish Times article HERE

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8 Poem Coral Rumble


Amid the cluttered corner of a living room,

Resting in the shadow of a sofa cushion,

A miniature monster waits to perform as

Carnival stilt walker, cloaked in dark horror.

His eight eyes focus, his eight legs tense.

Nobody can predict his path, or his intention.

Icy fear spreads and grips as you notice the

Deliberate flexing of legs. Can you feel the phobia?

The Climber Poem Coral Rumble

The Climber

See him climbing up the wall,

Step by step I watch him crawl,

Leg by leg he feels his way

Through the shadows of the day.

At the ceiling he will stop,

Cast his threads and start to drop

Down and down, he knows no failure,

Expert climber and abseiler.