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My name is Coral Rumble, and I'm a poet and author. Perhaps you've bumped into some of my poems in your local library, or when you've been watching TV. I may even have visited your school to perform or give workshops. Whether we've met or not, I'm glad you've decided to give my website a spin...

Did you know, you can write a poem about anything! 

Coral Rumble Award Winning Poet Caterpillar Poetry Prize Author Poetry Workshops


Things That Should be in a Poem

The sleep in my eyes,
The wax in my ears,
The salt on my cheek
From stray night-time tears,

The squeeze of my jumper,

The swish of my hair,
The crack in my curtain,

The dust in the air,

My skip on the pavement,

My jump from the wall,

The gathering treasure

As large conkers fall,

The squelch of my boots,

The mud in their grooves,

The wobble of puddles

Before they go smooth,

A weekend of time,
A wide space to play,

I think I’ll collect
A poem today.

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